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Lessons on How to Move Through your Breast Cancer Journey with Grace & Ease

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Please click the Watch Now and sit back to listen to a wonderful chat I had with my friend, Brittany with @holistic_nurse_coaches. She has always been a huge supporter of mine and an inspiration to me. In this chat, we talk about how Yoga helped me through my Breast Cancer Journey and so many ways to live life mindfully and holistically. Enjoy!

One Love

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Test those Breasts
Podcast Interview
with Crissy and Jamie

Episode 19 is released!

In this episode, my "Pink Sister" Crissy Florio, takes us through her breast cancer journey and how she navigated her way through her diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and healing process. Crissy is incredibly inspiring and has a myriad of ideas for other breast cancer patients/survivors to set the stage to change the narrative of their diagnosis and embrace the idea of using their diagnosis as an opportunity for growth through being more informed, releasing some expectations, calming their nervous system through yoga and meditation, taking care of their mental/emotional being, and inspiring others.

Also on Spotify and all other platforms!

P.S. Contact Crissy and mention "Test Those Breasts!" and she will give you a nice treat!

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