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Welcome to In Harmony Yoga with Crissy! 

I am so happy you are here!

My Story

My name is Crissy Florio and I am a Yogi, a Mom of two amazing young adults, a Wife to my highschool sweetheart,  a Sister, a Daughter, and a Friend to many! It wasn't until around 2012 that I felt the calling to dive deeper into teaching Yoga and developing a Spiritual Practice which led me to complete my 200 RYT in Therapeutic Yoga. Over the years to follow, I taught many Vinyasa based classes infused with my Therapeutic Yoga background to give my students a well balanced practice, leaving them fulfilled Mind, Body and Soul.  


To me Yoga is more than the Asanas (physical postures) it's a way of life! A constant reminder to see the beauty in all things, to approach life with no expectations or attachments, and to create Peace and Harmony even in the most chaotic of times! I am reminded everyday to live MINDFULLY and present but even more so when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Triple Positive Breast Cancer in September of 2020.

Talk about life changing~my world was rocked the moment I heard the words “You have Breast Cancer”. After a few days of processing, I turned back to my intuition and my inner guidance to lead me through the next few daunting months of Chemotherapy, a Double Mastectomy, and Reconstruction while trying to find my peace and purpose to make sense of it all. Even though I decided to take some time off from teaching others, I continued my own Yoga Practice which included Chakra balancing, gentle Yoga, daily healing meditation/visualization, journaling and Pranic Energy healing. All the while constantly being uplifted by my community of family, friends, and students. With love, community and my spiritual practices put into place, I was able to hear the words  No Evidence of cancer in February of 2021! BEST NEWS EVER! I was able to fight Cancer and WIN because I embodied all I have learned over the years about a Holistic lifestyle!


No doubt Yoga and Mindful living, along with changing to a Plant Based Diet (85% of the time), switching to clean beauty products, and now working with a Naturopath to remain cancer free were the weapons to help me fight and continue to fight! No one ever really knows why one is diagnosed with such a nasty Disease but one thing I know for sure is that it has truly elevated my purpose of helping others to become more intune and connected to their own bodies and how Yoga can help them in many ways! 

So now, I continue my education with the desire to learn as much as I can about the Body, Yoga philosophy, and how we can heal holistically in the efforts to not only help myself but spread the word and love to others to help my clients become the healthiest versions of themselves. Recently, I have also completed certifications in Yoga for Cancer Recovery, Yoga Medicine's Yoga and the Lymphatic System, and Yoga  Medicine's Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I will continue to my learnings as the world is constantly evolving and more and more is ways to heal the body is being uncovered.

I look forward to working with you!

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