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I love everything about how we do our sessions. They are fun, flexible and unique. I love that you are able to customize for me. I love that I don’t have to be dressed and driving anywhere. There is no fluff! I wish I could see in person but this is perfect.

-Faryl M.


From the moment you are in Crissy’s energy, you feel safe. She is authentic, raw, honest and warm. Her style is nourishing, grounding and uplifting with a focus on breath and the relationship with Self. Crissy creates an environment to explore, to let go, to laugh at yourself and to leave sh*t on your mat. She reminds us that life is too short to be taken so seriously; every day we show up for ourselves is an honor and a reason to be grateful. Plus, her music is always on point.

-Amber S.


I’ve never felt as much harmony as I have since we started working together. You’ve taught me to be in touch with my body. For the first time in my entire life…. I believe I am. I often work hard during my practice to shut out the outside noise. It’s rare I even hear the noise when we practice together. I’ve never understood my body more. More importantly for me….. for the first time in my life, I’m treating my body with kindness, compassion and gratitude. In the past, I’ve been angry at it for not doing ‘more.’ It’s almost like I’m communicating with my body, and not just screaming at it.You are my favorite to practice with and I think you are an incredible person. Watching your bravery during your journey made me even more amazed by you.

- Amy F.

I’m so lucky and grateful that I found Crissy for my yoga instructor! I was looking for a private yoga instructor as I wanted to get back to yoga after a car accident-but I knew I needed a customized yoga class. I found her listed as a “therapeutic yoga instructor”. She is amazing! She gives a perfect balance of poses which are adapted just for me, yet always has ways to push and help me improve. She has given me so much on and off the yoga mat! I am beyond grateful, and I highly recommend booking a class with Crissy, you don’t want to miss that chance!

-Amy R.


Where do I begin? If I could describe my yoga journey with Crissy in one word it would be "restoration." My heart, mind, spirit and body are continually restored to their fullest potential during and after a FloWithCrissy vinyassa flow. She challenges me yet allows me to fully feel what my body needs in that moment. She pushes me to grow, strengthen and rest. I cannot recommend Crissy enough and cannot wait to get on the mat again with her soon. Forever grateful!

-Ellise R.


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