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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My first of many blogs to come! Thank you for stopping by on my new website! This has been a long time coming and I am so excited to have a platform to share love, educate and inspire! As I am typing this it is October, which means Pink EVERYWHERE for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! While I love the idea of educating and reminding women to take care of their Tata’s there are a lot of organizations and companies that take advantage of this month. We see Pink everywhere we look…..from cereal boxes~ to NFL Players~ to pink ribbons being flooded on every social media outlet. Larger organizations advertise “Walk for a Cure” but what are they really doing to help kick Cancer to the curb? Are they really taking the proceeds to do more research or raise money for a CURE? I am truly convinced there will never be a cure for Cancer because it is too much of a Money Maker. Here is a perfect example, when I watch TV every other commercial is either a pharmaceutical commercial or a fast food commercial. The pharmaceutical companies are constantly selling why it is important to take a pill to address one issue but then a LONG list of side effects and disclaimers of so many other possibilities that can occur in the body including headaches, depression, stomach issues and CANCER! What? Yes I was stunned too! I was advised to take a pill for 5-10 years to minimize Breast Cancer from returning but it could cause Uterine Cancer…… ummmm again WHAT?!?! No Thank you! I plan to treat my entire body and not just my breast to remain cancer free. (Side note: My body my choice and that may be different for you or your loved ones going through Breast Cancer so be sure to do your research and listen to what feels aligned to you!) More to come on this topic but for the sake of this blog I will keep it short……. This brings me to the food companies that continue to add toxic ingredients to the foods we eat. When you look at box of cereal that is sold in US vs Europe you would be shocked by the difference in the list of ingredients! Same box of cereal but TOTALLY different list. If you don’t already, you must follow THE FOOD BABE on Instagram or Facebook she lays all out there. Disturbing to see so many ingredients that cause Cancer yet they say they are raising money to find a cure. What are they really raising money for? So again instead of just giving your money away to organizations that you have no idea how the monies are being dispersed, how about raising money directly for Women and Men who need help to pay for their cancer treatments and their bills? Or how about raising money to help bring more awareness around living a healthy lifestyle to be more proactive? Or raising money to help pay for Integrative Care that insurance won’t pay for? Please do your research and find organizations that truly make a difference in one’s life! Maybe starting with a local organization to make an impact closer to home. Below are a list of some of my favorite organizations: Sari Center Integrative Care for Cancer Cancer Cartel Living Beyond Breast Cancer

One Love~Crissy

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