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3 o'clock Boost

Who else goes to grab a cup of joe around 3 pm? Believe me I LOVE MY COFFEE but there are better ways to naturally energize your bodies. I decided to practice what I preach today and wanted to include you all! There are many other ways but today I decided to pause and breathe deeply and move into a Forward Fold and Down Dog to help release my back from sitting, decompress from work and hit the reset button before finishing my day! You could also incorporate a Vinyasa, Cat/Cow, Pigeon…….. there are so many poses that can help energize and release some stagnant energy from sitting too much.

You also can take it outside too - Nature can instantly reenergize you as well!!!!! Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, feel the breeze of the air, connect to the sounds of nature! Hope this helps to give you a reset and finish your day with the fuel you need- Naturally!

One Love-Crissy

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