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Clean Beauty

with Beauty Counter

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat and the thoughts you think. This is why I am in love with Beauty Counter Products! They put so much love, dedication, and research into making these products Clean and Effective. I personally started using Beauty Counter products because I saw a huge difference in my skin. And well after being diagnosed, I knew it was even more important to use good quality, clean products to help my mission of living a pure life which led me to become a Representative and Advocate for Beauty Counter. Click here to learn more


Clean Wine with
Scout and Cellar

Scout and Cellar.jpg

I LOVE WINE! After being diagnosed I changed so many things in my life! Beauty Products, Food, and Daily Routines were obviously the top three right from the beginning of my journey. I pretty much stopped drinking alcohol while going through my treatments so my body can fight and heal. As I started to feel better and more like myself, I slowly brought back in Wine. I completely cut out Liquor and Beer so I really do not drink any alcohol other than wine. I realized that if I choose to drink I must find Wine that is also clear of pesticides, little to no sulfates, and low in sugar. Thankfully a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Scout And Cellar. Their wine is carefully selected and crafted to bring clean wine to Wine Lovers like myself. And they also offer yummy Coffee and Olive Oil. 

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